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Tony Stewart Foundation

The mission of the Tony Stewart Foundation is to raise and donate funds to help care for children diagnosed with critical or chronic illness, animals which are at-risk or endangered, and for drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.

A Message from Tony

Racing is my profession but I’m also driven to help others through the work of my Foundation. There are so many organizations providing outstanding service and programs and my impulse is to help them all. However, it has been necessary to focus our funding to those programs that most closely match my passions - children, animals and fellow drivers in need of assistance.

I've been fortunate enough to accomplish my dream of driving race cars for a living. The Tony Stewart Foundation will continue to provide the vehicle for me to give back to others needing a helping hand - a child enduring a serious or life-threatening illness, an abused or homeless animal, an injured race driver and his family.

Please take time to explore this site and learn more about the Foundation. Perhaps you are seeking funds for your service organization or you are a Fan wanting to contribute a financial gift to help me fund the many requests received each year.

Let’s work together to insure that the Foundation’s goals and mission to help others is accomplished!

Yours truly,

To make a donation or to learn more, visit

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